Our Story

KANATA CAFÉ (カナタカフェ)は、カナダをテーマにここ横浜妙蓮寺に、カナダ生まれの夫と横浜出身の妻がプロデュースし、そしてそのファミリーが運営するユニークなカフェです。


KANATA(カナタ)とは、カナダの原住民インディアンの言葉で「村」または「定住地」という意味です。その言葉が、1867年に現在の「Canada カナダ」になりました。


私たちのゴールは、そんな遥か彼方カナダと妙蓮寺のコミュニティーを結ぶ、文化や芸術の架け橋となること。そして、KANATA CAFÉをいつ訪れてもリラックスしていただけて、楽しいひと時を過ごせる場所にして行くことです。



Kanata Café is the first and only Canadian themed, family owned and operated café in Yokohama which will offer fair trade, locally sourced coffee as well as delicious and nutritious Canadian and Japanese food at a fair price from sustainable sources.

The name Kanata is an indigenous Canadian word meaning “village” or “settlement” which is the origin of the name of Canada. It is also an traditional Japanese word that means “far off” or “far away” and our goal is to be a hub for the community of Myoorenji, a bridge of diverse cultures, as well as a place where anyone can come and relax in a wonderful environment, learn to speak English, perhaps be a venue for local musicians, and most importantly, enjoy some of the best food and beverages around.

We strive to serve all members of the local area and beyond in the best way we can while constantly innovating and researching methods of food and beverage preparation in the most economically and ecologically feasible way possible.


Please contact us if you wish to host a party or an event

Hours of operation are from am-10 to pm-8. closed wednesday